5 Facts about Salon Equipment

Even salon equipment have their fair share of curious or intriguing information, and these 5 facts about them is something that you would want to read to know more about the tools of the trade.

1. Dealing with Dirt

After use, salon equipment usually are covered with bacteria that came from the guest that they have just serviced. To disinfect, they use chemicals or sterilizer boxes which is acceptable but not exactly 100% effective, as the only way to fully rid a tool of bacteria and infections is with an autoclave which uses steam and pressure.

2. The Autoclave is not so Popular

You’d think that an equipment this important should be mandated in every salon, but so far it only is for two states, meaning less than 1% of salons in the US utilize one.

3. Organic Materials Stay Dirty

Only metal tools like scissors or tweezers can be used with an autoclave, and as such products with other kinds of materials like pumice stones or nail buffers continue to house these germs. Tip: bring your own.

4. Some Footbaths Make Your Feet Feel Worse

Footbaths are often high-tech equipment that wash and pamper your feet, but it can sometimes be filled with tap water which is a potential haven of bacteria.

5. Are those Hands Covered?

These people will be working on you with their hands, as they have with hundreds of other people. Before getting services, check first if these people use gloves to reduce the chances of passing harmful organisms. Only 17% of practitioners use gloves.